Professional Radio Communications Services

Whether you’re looking for two way radio communications using handheld radios, walkie talkies, UHF or VHF radio, professional wireless networks, PTToC (Push to Talk Over Cellular) or another form of wireless communication… Signals NZ can provide a solution.


Two Way Radio Communications

We are proud to be the Premier Dealer of ICOM commercial two way radio products, Vertex Standard commercial two way radio and Yaesu amateur radio base station, mobile and portable equipment, fully backed up by our technical support team.


Digital Microwave Radio (DMR)

Whether need to move high speed data between buildings or mountain ranges, we have the solution for you. We are NZ distributors for Solectek's industry leading license-free Microwave products, as well as conventional 6 to 40 GHz licensed point to point links. If you require connectivity for remote offices, or a high capacity backhaul, our engineers will be happy to talk to you.


Consultancy and Network Design

We can take the hassle out of your communications needs from start to finish. Our experienced Engineers can work with your team to provide everything from project management, site surveys to radio spectrum licensing. Your communications needs are our specialty!


Installation and Maintenance

The Signals Group has throughout New Zealand, specialist Engineers and Technicians who can deploy and maintain your infrastructure, we also specialize in Commercial Land-mobile repeater systems, design, build and maintainance. Radio Spectrum License certification and Management. Digital Microwave Radio systems and bearers. Optical Fiber systems, Satellite systems, as well as specialist computer networking UPS design and maintenance.