By law we can only operate as a contactless business.
There will be strictly no admittance to the building for non-staff members unless arranged prior to arrival.
We will have a contactless drop off point for any courier and or service work in our reception area.
All completed service work or sales will be via courier services unless arranged otherwise.
Pay wave will be available to make any payments contactless as possible but this does incur a 2.9% fee.


  1. Jobs are strictly by appointment only. We cannot accept “drive-ins”.
  2. Call or email to make an appointment first.
  3. One person in the reception area at all times.
  4. We will not be able to come out to the carpark to look at your vehicles with you. In this case you would need to explain beforehand any work needing completed.
  5. To limit risk we ask that only one nominated person has interactions with our staff.
  6. Payment is still due on collection of the vehicle unless you have an account with us. EFTPOS and credit card only. Pay wave encouraged but note this does incur the 2.9% fee. No cash or cheques please.
  7. We can offer most of our services inward and outbound only by prior arrangement.
  8. We cannot work on your vehicles if you have:
    1. Travelled overseas in the last 14 days
    2. Had close contact with someone who has travelled overseas in the last 14 days
    3. Had close contact with someone in self-isolation
    4. Had flu-like symptoms like coughing, sneezing, difficulty breathing or high temperature.


Expectations on the customer for our safety:

  1. Please make sure your vehicles is clean and tidy to help with our sanitising procedures
  2. No open food/drinks
  3. Turn off heater/AC/air circulation before turning off the vehicles
  4. Give us the bare minimum of keys for the job. (i.e. only the vehicles key(s)/alarm remote – nothing unnecessary)
  5. We can refuse a job if we have hygiene concerns.


What we will be doing to ensure your safety while your vehicles is being worked on:

  1. Your vehicles will only be handled by one person who will observing strict hygiene practices
  2. Gloves and masks will be used while the technician is in your vehicle. All staff will be observing social distancing in the shop and handwashing/sanitising frequently
  3. Keys will only be handled while wearing gloves
  4. The vehicle contact points will be sanitised before it goes back to the customer. (Clean down door handles/switches/steering wheel/gear lever etc.)


Please be patient with us and kind as we adapt our business practices and daily lives for these extraordinary times. We will extend the same courtesy to you and help to the extent of our abilities and available resources.

  1. Rules and procedures may change as the situation develops. We will do our best to keep you informed
  2. We may be limited by what repairs we can do as not all our suppliers will be operating at full capacity or at all. Freight is also under a lot of strain at this time too and there could be delays.